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Bighorn Sheep in the Badlands National Park

Bighorn Sheep Taxonomy Class: Mammalia Order: Artiodactyla Family: Bovidae Genus: Ovis Species: canadensis   In 1964, the Badlands received a herd of bighorn sheep that were successfully re-introduced to the park ! Twenty-two bighorn were relocated from Pike’s Peak in Colorado to the Badlands National Park. In 2004 a second herd of sheep were brought to the […]

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Her Name is Dignity and She is Breathtaking

Date Visited: August 22, 2020 Address: I-90 Information Center, Exit 264, Chamberlain, SD  57325Coordinates: 43°47′12.75″N 99°20′17.83″W Website: Travel South Dakota Phone: (605) 347-5776 Hours: Dignity is available for view outside 24/7 Price: Free   Standing on a bluff overlooking the Missouri river outside the tourism center near Chamberlain, South Dakota between exits 263 and 265 stands […]