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6 Free And Cheap Things To Do In Wall, South Dakota

    Wall, South Dakota has a population of almost 900 residents and is located in Pennington County.

    It was established as a railroad town for the Chicago/Northwestern Railroad system in 1907 and incorporated in 1908. It was named Wall because of its location on the “wall” of the Badlands National Park.


    The city hosts millions of travelers every summer because of its proximity to Badlands National Park. It’s also famously known for the giant tourist attraction Wall Drug Store.

    Below are some cheap and free things to do during your visit


    Badlands National Park: Badlands National Park was established in 1978. Amazing hikes take visitors through dramatic layered rock formations, steep canyons, grasslands, and towering spires. Bison, bighorn sheep, and prairie dogs can commonly be seen throughout the park.

    We have visited this national park a couple times and always have a great time.


    Wall Drug: For 90 years the tourist mecca known as Wall Drug draws in millions of visitors each year. This 76,000-square-foot roadside attraction has dozens of gift shops, a diner, a chapel, a Soda Fountain Ice Cream Shop, and even a pharmacy.

    Get free ice water in the backyard (where you can ride a Jackalope), have a cup of ten-cent coffee, or purchase their famous homemade donuts and pie.

    Pets are welcome at Wall Drug and its one famous roadside attraction you won’t be disappointed that you visited.

    World’s Largest Jackalope Sculpture: On your way to Wall Drug be sure to stop in at Dahl’s Chainsaw Art and admire the World’s Largest Jackalope Sculpture. This 40-foot jackalope sculpture is an amazing piece of art made completely out of wood.

    Visitors can climb the stairs inside the jackalope to the balcony and get a bird’s eye view of the town.

    It is free to explore the sculpture during business hours.


    Wall Drug 80-Foot Dinosaur: The 80-foot 50-ton concrete brontosaurus marks the exit for Wall Drug and for Badlands National Park.  The dino is located on a short paved road behind the Conoco gas station right off Interstate 90 exit.

    Be sure to stop by and snap some pics of this massive sauropod dinosaur.

    Badlands Ranch Store: This store is located just minutes from the Interior Entrance of Badlands National Park. It sells snacks and souvenirs, but what visitors really should purchase is the little bag of peanuts for a buck.

    Head outside to the fenced area beside the store and be greeted by dozens of hungry little prairie dogs in the stores very own prairie dog town. We couldn’t get any to take peanuts from our hands but it was still fun feeding them.

    The giant concrete prairie dog statue in front also makes a great photo-op.


    Minuteman Missile National Historic Site Visitor Center: Located about twenty miles from Wall this visitor center explores the story of the Minuteman Intercontinental Ballistic Missile System and its role in the Cold War.

    After exploring the visitor center you may also visit a Launch Control Facility (Delta-01), and a missile silo complex (Delta-09).

    Admission is free.

    For more information on anything listed above click on the link for my full post.

    There are multiple places in town to eat and shop at.


    During both our visits we boondocked for free at The Wall which is a large area located in the Buffalo Gap National Grassland. It is located just minutes from the Pinnacles entrance of Badlands National Park and is perfect for at least a hundred vehicles of any size.

    It gets super windy here though so be prepared and the views of the badlands are incredible.

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