Delicious Delicacies At Dwaynes Fresh Jerky

  • Date Visited: March 2021
  • Address: 1120 W E Business Loop #10, Bowie, AZ 85605
  • GPS: 32.33018, -109.50266
  • Phone: 520) 847-2510
  • Website
  • Hours: 7 AM-7 PM

We were driving through Arizona on our way to a new boondocking spot at Indian Bread Rocks when we passed a store advertising jerky. We had been on the road for a while and required some sustenance to finish the drive so thought the obvious decision was to stop and check it out.


Dwaynes Fresh Jerky is located in Bowie, Arizona right off Highway 10. It’s really hard to ignore the giant signs advertising jerky as you approach the building so you won’t miss it. There are murals of cartoon animals painted on the building as well which are pretty cool.

Dwayne has been in the jerky making business since 1977 so I think by now he’s figured out how to make some great tasting jerky.

When you walk in the store you are greeted with a wall of jerky flavors to choose from. If you can imagine it they probably have the flavor hanging there for you to choose. They also have samples of a variety of flavors. Just ask whoever is working that day if samples are available and what flavors they have.

The lovely lady working the counter gave us some samples and then we went over to the wall of jerky to make our decisions. Originally we were both going to pick out a flavor, but another product in the store caught my eye instead so I opted out of the jerky for that.

After what seemed like an eternity Jamey finally settled on the Sweet & Spicy Beef Brisket Jerky. They are famous for their brisket jerky and Jamey liked the sample he tried so that contributed to his decision.


Later that night we tried our new acquisition and Jamey absolutely loved it. I am more of a dry jerky fan than this ‘wet’ version so I wasn’t as much in love with it as Jamey. I still thought it had a good flavor though. Most of the samples we had were quite tasty as well so I highly recommend their jerky.

Now if you’re looking for something a bit more exotic that can be found here as well. Have you ever tasted alligator or camel jerky before? How about boar, salmon, kangaroo, shark, python or rabbit?

All these flavors can be found in the store. They are a bit more expensive than the regular jerky and you can’t get samples of them, but if you’re in the mood for something a little out of the ordinary you can pick up one of these bags to try.

I passed up on purchasing jerky, because I found a section of locally made, all natural jams for sale. Now I may have mentioned once or twice before my love for PB&J sandwiches. There were a variety of jam flavors at the store and it was so hard to limit my selections to just three.


Raspberry is one of my favorite flavors so the Razzleberry flavor (which combined strawberries and raspberries) was an easy decision to make. The other two flavors I choose were Blueberry Lime and Pomegranate, both of  which I had never tried before.

I finished off these jars of jam way to fast. All three were absolutely delicious. I’m talking 10 out of 10 here! Next time we swing through Bowie I will be picking up all three flavors again and probably 10 other flavors. I cannot recommend these jams enough. I say try them all!

They may be known for their jerky, but the store sells a variety of other items as well. They have a large selection of various nuts for purchase including locally grown pecans and pistachios. When I say local I mean right down the road. While driving through the area you will travel by thousands of nut trees on both sides of the road.


Local honey and olives can also be purchased during your visit. There’s a candy section in the corner of the store and I picked up a bag of Wild Huckleberry Licorice (our new flavor obsession this year) that was absolutely delicious. If your looking for a souvenir a number of local handmade items are available.

There is a food truck outside selling sandwiches and their signature pecan pie. If your looking for a spot to spend the night at they have an RV park on the premises. For twenty bucks a night they have electric hook-up sites and clean showers and bathrooms are available. There were some laundry machines on-site as well, but looked pretty old. If you need to top off your propane tanks they sell that too.


We stopped here again on our way out of town to fill up our gas and propane tanks when we noticed we broke the leaf spring on the camper. The camp host? of the RV park had us pull up to his site and gave us some materials to rig it together until we could stop and get a new part. Amazing guy and I will never forget his help!


If you’re in the area you have got to take some time out of your day and check out Dwaynes Fresh Jerky. Amazing little stop offering everything a weary travel needs.

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